Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 262 - A Little Flat

Taking my niece back to her games this morning and a light popped
up on the dash. I never saw it before - it looked like this (!).
I called my husband - no clue - he was coming a little later will check it out.
I now know what the sign means.
Tire is losing air.
Thankfully we have road side assistance with this car.


  1. I just had one of those too, but I don't have the little exclamation point on my dash. Glad it's fixed!
    Stop by my blog where I have something for you.

  2. I would never have known that!

  3. all your food pictures have given me a sudden craving for something sweet!! :)
    so glad you figured out the tire thing before you had a blowout! yikes!!


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