Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day 255 - A "little" Fondue

We had a Fondue Fest today closing Main Street.
This is Marco our German student trying this for the first time.This is the fondue pot


  1. What a fun thing for your exchange student to join in on!

  2. oHmY -- that's bigger than my fondue pot.
    How neat that I finally get to "meet" Marco!

  3. There were several families in our church who hosted exchange students every year, and the Germans always seem to adapt faster and easier than those from other countries. Not sure why, but they were so good about jumping right in and being open to new experiences. Makes the hostessing job much easier, that's for sure. With any teenage boy, keep 'em fed and they're generally happy so you're on the right track with all the food :-)

    Your tomatoes look SO good. We're heading into spring and just planted ours. Can hardly wait! Do you can some of yours? Make salsa?

  4. Fondue is big in our family, but not that BIG! :)


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