Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 235 - First Day of School

Today is Phil's first day of 10th grade.
Joel and I went to opening service.
What a blessing to have a Lutheran high school
3/4 of a mile down the road.
And for Philip to have a Christian Education.


  1. that's great to have a christian school for him to attend.

  2. I feel the same for my boys! I did not realize that Phil was the same age as my youngest...he looks so much older!!

  3. Hope he has a great year! It is a blessing for him to attend this school.

  4. what a blessing to have christian schools in your neighbourhood!

    God luck for Phil´s 10 th Grade

  5. Our church used to have a christian school but closed a few years back. Trying to get it started again - so much better for the kids. Your son is blessed.

  6. May God Bless his school year. What a great thing to take a photo on day one! It is inDEED a gift for a child to have a Christian education. If they know - realize - and appreciate this gift in the midst of that education: all the better!!


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