Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day 226 - Yuk - SAP !!

Today we cut down a pine tree. You can see some of the wood in the far left corner. My job was to put the branches in the trailer. The sap was unreal, on my legs, arms, through my gloves, shirt and shorts. Nail polish remover is the ticket to get rid of sap. And it was only 85 degrees out with 70% humidity. We had great quality time !!!


  1. What a great way to bond... literally, with all that sap. I hope tomorrow is a more relaxing day for you.

  2. haha, Dot's comment is funny. :D sounds like a fun way to spend quality time, getting something done!

  3. LOL, Dot!!!

    hate to say this but......glad it was you and not me! :)

  4. Pine sap is the worst! Look what you accomplished though!

  5. 21 yrs. of bonding, sweet and sappy :)


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