Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day 206 - A Hannah Montana Birthday

Today we celebrated my niece's 7th birthday.
It was all about Hannah Montana.
I don't know much about her (Hannah that is) except she
plays a guitar and sings. Leah showed her dance moves today.
And I made her cake. Some of the black came off
on the foil after an hour drive in the car.
But she told me she loved it.
Happy Birthday Honey!!!!


  1. She's a cutie and you did a fine job on that cake!

  2. really nice job on the cake and I am going to try the brownie trick...sounds easy. Your parents look great and thats fun they were able to join you. And, what a pretty picture of the park!

  3. You made that cake? I am so impressed! Beautiful!!


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