Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day 200 - Family Fun on Vacation

Joel's aunt and uncle had us over for dinner. Their son and family are here for a few day too.
The creature in the middle is one of many to try to scare the geese away. Phil brought it over from the beach for our timer picture.


  1. that is one scary creature! it would scare me away for sure!

  2. LOL too funny putting that scary thing in the picture!

  3. ok, I had to blow the picture up to see that thing close up!! Scary!

    Did you know that if you stack string close to the ground (1/2 foot high or so) on the sides of the property, it will keep the geese out? They will not go over the string!!!! it works!

  4. That's a great looking bunch except that creature!

  5. I had to blow the photo up too...when I first saw it, I thought, "That might be the ugliest dog I ever saw in my life!" Now I am laughing again!

  6. What a wonderful vacation and great pictures!!!


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