Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day 176 - It's Hot Out

Could not decide what picture to use so you get both. This is Phil with the wet towel on his head. I keep this in a cooler with water and ice. As a catcher you have lots of gear on and this is what we do to try to cool him down. It was in the high 80's for this game.
The cups are what the coaches wife does before a game. They all have their names on the bottom.


  1. Great idea for the cups! Hope he was able to stay cool despite all of the catcher's gear he had to wear.

  2. Thanks LuAnn!! You are too sweet!!!!

  3. my son was a catcher too.....very hot for those boys!!!

  4. I'm sure he totally appreciates the cool wet towel. I can only imagine how hot it must be wearing all that gear.


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