Friday, May 15, 2009

Day 135 - Swine Flu???

They tested my baby for swine flu on Wednesday.
Still waiting for results.
I think this blown out of the water.
Today he cut grass on the rider, ate brats and
shot hoops for an hour after supper.
I know he does not have the swine flu.


  1. All this talk on the tv about the swine flu starts making people worry themselves sick for nothing. Last week my daughter was sicker than she's ever been and I was so worried but she's fine now, thank God!!!

  2. Yikes! Hopefully the tests come back negative....although sounds like Phil is just fine! That's good!

  3. We got our test results back in less than 2 hours. I wonder why yours is taking so long. Hope yours was negative too :). Blessings!


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