Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day 115 - Save Big Money At ....

Phil was supposed to have a doubleheader.
Got rained out. So we found projects around the house.
This is our favorite store.
We were only here twice today.


  1. we don't have menards here, but we made several runs to home Depot!!

  2. I love Menards! I thought of you today when the weather report said there was rain across the lake headed our way. It's been raining much of the afternoon here.

  3. lowe's and home depot here...have never been to Menards though.
    that turtle shake looks wonderful!

  4. Hahaha This was a favorite of ours too! We pretty much like any home improvement store. Here we have a chain called "Easy" but shopping there is anything but easy. We always seem to run into difficulties at Easy. But it's about the only place for one-stop shopping for home improvement things. Otherwise we have to go to a dozen small stores all over town.


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