Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 64 - A&W

I forgot how much kids with their temps love to drive.
Picked Phil up after school. He hopped in the drivers seat.
Almost home and he said "Mom, I'll take you to A&W"
How could I say no.Plus I just love their diet rootbeer.


  1. mine is getting his permit any day now....

    a little ice cream in that rootbeer.....perfect!

  2. I'm done with that permit thing - it seemed like they would never get their hours in, but no the youngest is 20!

  3. how fun! I remember those days......and yum A&W rootbeer!


  4. Great photo! My son has yet to say "oh mom, sure you can take my picture". However, he will be going for his permit come December so maybe that will be my golden opportunity with him.....

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Sorry if the photo freaked you out - that ride freaked me out so that is why I was planted firmly on the ground and able to capture the picture!

    P.S. We love the A&W shops too!

  5. yes, they do love to drive! my daughters leave school and 'drive around' everyday for an hour or so listening to music before they come home now!

  6. I remember the permit days with our older kids. And I do not look forward to it with our younger kids. Frightening!
    Your A & W is open before Spring??!! Neat.
    Ours doesn't open until April 1st.

  7. i've never had diet root beer. you just made me want to try it.

  8. A&W rocks - it's always been one of my faves! We don't have many around here though...:(


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