Sunday, March 8, 2009

Day 67 - The Day After

Back from the lock-in.
The kids were all mixed up from
the different churches to form the teams.
Learned some great teamwork.
The team Phil was on took 2nd place.
This is the back of the medal.
Phil is sleeping right now.
I'm thinking I won't see 8:00 p.m.
Only three hours of sleep for me on a gym floor.
It was a fun time!
But really am getting to old for this kind of thing.


  1. Our Youth lock-in is this weekend. I only have to be a chaperone for a few hours! Yes! I can sleep in my own bed.

  2. Cool medal! Yes, you do deserve an early curtain call tonight, but it sounds like you had a fun time.

  3. I like the medal! Glad you had fun in spite of the lack of sleep!

  4. A dodgeball lock down sounds kind of scary, lol.

    I'm glad we aren't to the driving stage yet, my nerves are shot as it is.

  5. sounded like fun.....except for the sleeping on the gym floor part.....that would not be fun



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