Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day 62 - Shakin' it with my friends

Tonight was my first Zumba class. What a blast!! The lady in the middle is the instructor. That 45 minutes went really quick. 3 of us were new to the class. And it was really pretty easy to pick up. The music was fun, even had some AC/DC. All the teacher kept saying is if you don't get it right away just keep shaking it. Well we were shakin' it and having fun. I told the girls at work that they might have to push me around in my chair tomorrow. Don't know how sore I will be. All I know is I can't wait till Thursday to be with my friends and ZUMBA! CHA-CHA-CHA


  1. sounds like fun! i wish i had an excercise group!

  2. I've never heard of Zumba but I'm proud of you for doing it!

  3. I have never heard of Zumba. I'll bet it was fun!

  4. I know those ladies! Shakin' it at Zumba sounds like a blast! :-)

  5. "Zumba???"
    "Shakin' it?" That I can do. Just not in anyone else's presence.

  6. ah! i love zumba!! i've taken it a couple of times at the YMCA where i work out. i feel a little awkward, but i get over by the 2nd or third song...usually. :)


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