Saturday, February 28, 2009

Day 59 - New Sport

Phil got up this morning,
dragged his baseball bag in the kitchen,
sorted through everything and
laid it out on the kitchen floor.
Then he proceeded to vacuum the
inside of the bag and
I don't know why but also the inside of his cleats.
The shoes still smell the same,
the vacuum did nothing for that.


  1. I like this picture! He really does like his sports, doesn't he? Barely done with one and ready for another!

  2. too funny!!! that is something my husband would do..

    Love your new look!!

  3. sports sports and more, makes me tired just thinking about it. i'm impressed that he would vacuum the cleats! wow, now that's impressive. i guess he's removing last years dirt and getting ready for this years. :D

  4. It must be great to see your son try to clean out that smell, lol. I think its wonderful that he is so active and you are so involved.

    LOL, about that apple too... I find half eaten ones in our car all the time.

    Happy birthday to the bellringer :-D

  5. Oh my, is this what I have to look forward to? My 6-year old son starts baseball this year.

  6. That is a lot of gear in one bag! :)


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