Sunday, February 8, 2009

Day 39 One More

I have yet another picture of a friend to post today.
This was a surprise yesterday.
We saw each other at a basketball game.
Big hugs!!!
Debbie is one of my buddies from the summer youth rallies.
I think we have been to three of them together.
I do believe we have as mush fun as the kids.
It was great to see you Debbie!!!!


  1. Life is better with friends! Glad your husband is ok.

  2. Your friend could be my doctor's wife's twin! Hope your hubby is recovering nicely!

  3. Hey! Another person we know in common! I'm working for (with?) Debbie on the LPS Gala. Our kids went to St. Lucia together last Christmas for Proj. Timothy! Come visit my blog!


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