Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 8 - My Little Girl ???

This is my daughter Elizabeth. Her dad & I are very proud of her. She graduated from Cosmetolgy School on December 19th and was just hired at a salon. We are so excited for her to get started on her career. This is something she has wanted to do since she was 4 years old. When she was little she would play beauty shop. She would put rollers in my Grandma's hair and even took a snippit out of my mom's. Yesterday one of my blog friends had her daughter's picture with her scarf on. As I was reading that Elizabeth had just walked in with a scarf on also. I looked at my girl and then the little girl on the screen. I thought where have the years gone.


  1. She IS all grown up! What a beauty Elizabeth is. How great that she finished school - I wondered when she would be done and heading into a salon. Tell her congrats from me!!

  2. She sure is pretty! Good luck on the new job Elizabeth! woo hoo! Hey Luann, I'm looking at this picture of you and your hubby at Lambeau...I have to ask are those season tickets? and were you upset by the Brett Farve "trade". Or was it more like "get him outta here." I'm curious, because I would have LOVED for him to come to the Vikings. I am not a huge Vikings fan, I'm more of a Patriot girl myself. but I think it would have been cool to see what a REAL quaterback could do with our team. I do think Aaron Rodgers is a good replacement...I love the Packer/Viking rivalry. In my opinion the Packers are one of the greatest teams ever, because of their history. But being from MN and growing up around MN fans, you have to like the home town team. Even though the can't ever win the big game! (losers. muttered underbreath.) So yeah, just admiring your green and gold!

  3. beautiful daughter!! and she picked a great career!!! I admire those who can cut and style hair!


  4. That's the truth! Time is flying by!!

    Congratulations Elizabeth!!


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