Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day 24 - Friends

These are my bleacher friends.
We sit together for basketball games.
Then there is Lisa on the right.
We have boys who have been together since 1st grade.
We sit through three sports all year round.
Diane in the middle is my neighbor she came into our lives
when her son was in 5th grade.
Do you know you really get to know someone sitting
in the bleachers with them?
All these ladies go to my church too.
I am so thankful for Christian friends.
Oh, they won the game last night 61-18.


  1. some of my best friends were made in the bleachers!!! so are you a quiet mom in the bleachers or are you a vocal mom?!!! I was a vocal mom, I could not sit there quietly!!

  2. Sara- I guess you can say that I am in the middle.

  3. so neat to have bleacher buddy friends!! and that they go your church too! what a blessing for sure!


  4. Winning the game is great. Good Christian friends is even better!


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