Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day 22 - :(

Don't you love it when you have a clean oven and then the apple pie juices run over to make it look and smell really nice.

I guess it didn't help things when I piled the apples way to high that the crumble hardly fit on top.

Thankful for a self-cleaning oven.


  1. I love me a self cleaning oven!!!! best invention yet! Where's the picture of the pie?!?!

  2. GASP! SNARL! Argh!
    NO WAY!
    Worst job E.V.E.R.
    That and cleaning fish.Oh, wait you said SELF-cleaning...I'd still snarl at it though.
    I bet that apple pie was really REALLY good.
    It had to be with that kinda mess left behind.

  3. I bet the pie is good! I'm thankful for a self cleaning oven too.

  4. My husband definately appreciated this picture. Everytime I bake a pie it runeth over. My over looks exactly like that but not self cleaning. The pie wouldnt' be as good without the mess

  5. but was the pie delicious? then its worth it; wonderful invention with the self-cleaning oven for sure!


  6. I did that Christmas morning! I usually put a piece of tin foil under it and I forgot-man was I bummed. I have a self cleaning oven but never used it. I am afraid it will bake it worse in the bottom of the oven,


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