Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day 13 - Humor

Today is a GREAT day for coffee. Right now the high is three degrees. Brrrrrrr!

This sign hangs above our drive thru window at the coffee shop. All the customers inside see this while standing at the counter. Many smiles, laughs and comments.

One day a lady bent down and whispered something to her daughter. (She was maybe 10 yrs old.) The lady got her coffee and her daughter sat in our church pew. The lady went to the door and said "Good bye - I'm leaving my daughter here. She wants the puppy."


  1. That is a great sign and made me lol!!!

  2. ha ha ha ha ha.

    BTW... I was FOURstinkinTEEN! WHAT?!?!? A year younger than Phil. Crazy!

  3. Great capture LuAnn! You will look back at this picture and chuckle someday!

  4. such a cute sign :)

    enjoy Wednesday


  5. i LOVE this sign! the resale shop i take my kids' stuff to has this same one hanging near the register.

  6. LOL! The sign is funny enough but the attempt at a free puppy is hysterical!


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