Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 10 - Maybe a Door Stop

I had great difficulties today on my picture. My first picture was the huge bag a dirty clothes my son presented to me this a.m. I found out he cleaned out his gym locker last night after the game and still had a few items from football season in there. Gross!!!!

I made bread this morning. So I thought a before and after picture of the bread might be fun. But this is my story, I had the bread rising in the oven, in the pans. We had errands to run a little ways from home. So I thought I can bake the bread when I get home. As we are driving I thought we are not that far from my husbands aunt and uncle's home - let's go for a visit. So I called and said come over and plan on supper too. (Something to remember - this is about 45 minutes from home) As we are driving I remember my rising bread. Called Elizabeth and gave her instructions on finishing the bread. We just got home and the bread, well... does anyone need a door stop, I now have two bricks. I think she left it in too long. A knife is not even an option. Maybe an axe. So the bread beat out the huge pile of dirty laundry.
Not a good picture day.

"This is the day the Lord has made, Let us rejoice and be glad"


  1. cute story behind the picture; sorry it didn't come out quite as hoped

    enjoy your Sunday


  2. I could actually smell the clothes just thinking about it because I have 2 sons!!! Gross is right!!!

    But the bread "looks" beautiful!!!

  3. LOL! I'm so sorry the bread didn't turn out but I really am enjoying my visit here. :)


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